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Calling all new bands who are just starting out...


Dedicated to helping new and upcoming artists

We’ve all been there– just formed, writing, rehearsing, practicing, can’t wait to get out there and play live, record, design a band logo, a cover, release a single, get on the radio, make a video – oh – and get paid!!

As a band ourselves with over ten years’ experience, Nightblade have been through all this, we know our way around the minefield that is “The Music Biz”. We’ve learned the hard way at times ourselves– we’ve learned what and who to avoid.

Why not make use of our experience and let us help you through the challenges that all fledgling bands must face.

What Nightblade Music offers:

Fortunately, we have a background in marketing, we have the skills and the contacts including:

  • Producers
  • Engineers
  • Studios
  • Pluggers
  • CD Manufacturers
  • Merchandise
  • Artists & illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Video Producers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web designers
  • Specialist Music Press Consultants

Unfortunately, you won’t get beyond playing for nothing in pubs “for the exposure” without the aid of these kinds of people – people we know, trust and who don’t cost the earth!

Help, advice, guidance.

New bands need all the help and guidance they can get in navigating the murky waters of the music business– and the sharks that lie therein.

We’ll help with all the messy stuff like publishing, physical and digital releases, ISRC codes, avoiding copyright pitfalls, ownership rights, registering your repertoire with the PRS/PPL ensuring you get royalties whenever your recordings are played in public, on the radio or streamed. All this stuff is not only necessary but crucial to your success.

Nightblade Radio

We’ll ensure that your music is played on our own ‘Nightblade Radio’– specialising in showcasing new and upcoming artists; and you’ll be heard by the industry professionals we know and trust.

You may have fixed ideas on how you want to sound, how you want to look– we’ll advise on how to set about creating your style.

No catches

With Nightblade Music, there are no binding contracts, no deals, no catches, no percentages. Fees will be discussed and agreed in advance, staged, itemised and tailored to suit you, whether you’re solo, duo or a ten-piece prog rock outfit, your costs will be one-off, non-recurring and never linked to your future success.

Contact us for more information.