Nightblade: The story so far.…

The nucleus of Nightblade was formed in 2010, consisting of Mark Crosby, Dave Parish and Bill Fitzsimmons. After a stuttering start with various drummers, Richard Jones was finally chosen.
The debut album “Servant To Your Lair” was released in 2011 and Nightblade’s first tour soon followed. With the help of the mandatory article in the ubiquitous and highly regarded Metal Hammer magazine, the album attracted a lot of interest.

Whilst 2011-12 was mainly spent touring the UK, the band began work on their follow-up album “Closer To The Threshold”.
This much-anticipated album was released in 2013, with Richard Jones being replaced by Rich Lawley on drums.
The album was very well received both in the UK and internationally, scoring an average of 8 or 9 out of ten. Powerplay magazine described the album as “excellent” and were “just short of awarding it the full set of stars.”
It got the same reaction and score in Japan’s largest rock magazine Burn.

The album led to an extensive tour, including gigs at the legendary 100 Club in Camden, and at the O2 where coincidentally the Black Sabbath reunion gig was taking place right next door. Nightblade were delighted to be able to hear the Sabbath soundcheck whilst in the process of carrying out their own.

Next up in 2015 was the launch of the “Crisis Has No Prejudice” EP. It proved to be very popular, getting lots of airplay, and with the title track receiving great recognition and reviews, it again received an average score of 8-9 out of ten.

Numerous high-profile gigs followed which saw Nightblade taking to the stage with highly regarded international acts such as Snakecharmer, Wolfsbane and Diamond Head.

With a reputation for consistently producing a solid blend of exciting and attacking rock music, Nightblade have attracted fans worldwide, particularly in Germany, Japan, Scandinavia and Europe in general.

Nightblade: The next steps.…

Now with a settled, not to mention formidable line up of Mark Crosby on vocals, Sam Morse on Guitars, Tim Cutcliffe on Bass, backed up by Rich Lawley on Drums and keyboards, Nightblade’s combined creativity is a force to be reckoned with, producing fresh, innovative, inspiring and poignant material at a startling pace. Their new album “Ignorance Is Bliss” heralds a venture towards an alternative rock sound which is really quite remarkable, delivering powerful melodies, anthemic choruses and instantly infectious hooks.

Brimming with enthusiasm for this new direction, Nightblade are going for the jugular with “Ignorance Is Bliss”!

“New single Only You by Nightblade.
Nightblade have really made it with this song, a piece of driving rock that will hook you straight away.
This sounds like an instant hit single that should be heard loud in any arena venue.
With songs like this, that could be where Nightblade are heading!”

Steve Göldby, Metal Talk


“Like so many people in rock, I started off listening to Status Quo. I went to their alleged last gig “In the Army Now” in 1981– unbelievable!!I then progressed appreciating all traditional rock acts like Purple, Sabbath, Rainbow and Whitesnake et al.

As a young lad I’d wait hours after gigs with all my record sleeves to get autographs from the stars. Over the years my collection has grown and have a great collection from all the rock veterans.

I was an Iron Maiden nut for years and for a while all my pocket money was spent on Maiden memorabilia, picture discs, imports, white labels etc. etc.

I went through the usual ‘difficult’ teenage years. I rebelled, listening to thrash metal, but my appreciation for Metallica never waned.

As broad as the rock spectrum is, my musical influences vary from traditional to the present day. Vocal influences are Eddie Vedder, David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio.”

“I’ve played guitar for 14 years, had lessons for a short time before going on to teach myself.

I have dabbled in different projects over the years but Nightblade is the most serious one of them all, notable highlights supporting Snakecharmer and Wolfsbane, my early influences were bands such as Nirvana, Muse, Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones but over the years these have grown to incorporate even more styles and varieties of music though I do have a real soft spot for music with good melodic licks and a strong rhythm.”

Music influences: punk rock, metal, indie.
Hobbies: Gym, Rottweilers.
Favourite bands: The Stranglers, Sevendust, Pearl Jam, Discharge, Gbh, Crass, Stonesour, Slipknot.
Favourite musicians: J J Burnel, Eddie Vedder, John Lydon, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Charlotte Martin, Lajon Weatherspoon, Corey Taylor.
Favourite bassist: Jean-Jacques Burnel of The Stranglers

“Myself and Mark go back many years where we met at Stourbridge College and we immediately clicked having got similar tastes in music. We spent less time at college and more skiving listening to vinyl and cassettes at my house in Kinver.

I’ve drummed in various rock bands since the age of 14. I was influenced especially in the early days by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Beatles etc

Over the years I have played the Midlands circuit extensively including the legendary JBs in Dudley, The Robin and the 02 in Birmingham.”