The 2022 release of “Hope To Be There” sees the completion of an unprecedented Nightblade album trilogy,

The first of their triple-pronged, relentless rock revelation came in 2020 with the release of “Ignorance Is Bliss”, then 2021 brought us “Unknown Territories” and in 2022 “Hope To Be There” arrived.

Even the pandemic-enforced downtime could not stem the tide that is Nightblade’s creative flow, resulting in this album riding on the crest of their creative wave of the last three years.

In defining their sound, the output of this album was fast and furious, resulting in 12 tracks that give it a running time of over an hour.

Nightblade always enjoy creating diverse albums, they thrive on that “keeping everybody guessing” element whilst maintaining their flow.

“We are proud that ‘Hope To Be There’ is the fitting end to the trilogy.” says vocalist Mark Crosby.

The addition of guitarist Chris Seldon reveals a new edge, adding a different dimension to the Nightblade sound.

Nightblade have evolved in to a five-piece force of alternative rock creativity– and they are heading your way!


Chris Seldon

“My first memory of wanting to learn guitar came from when my cousin showed me iron maiden on a holiday in France 2006. 16 years later, my passion and curiosity towards music has lead me to discovering many different genres of music, inspiring me further.

Initially, I started out taking guitar lessons before swapping to bass lessons after a couple of years. And from there, I began my music education at Kidderminster college, where I spent 5 years absorbing all of the information I could, as well as making some valuable connections.


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