Ignorance Is Bliss


The third studio album by Nightblade


New album: “Ignorance Is Bliss”
Nightblade return refreshed, revised and re-energised with their latest album “Ignorance Is Bliss”.
With a formidable line up of Mark Crosby on vocals, Sam Morse on Guitars, Tim Cutcliffe on Bass, backed up by Rich Lawley on Drums and keyboards, Nightblade’s combined creativity is a force to be reckoned with, producing fresh, innovative, inspiring and poignant material at a startling pace.
Their new album “Ignorance Is Bliss” heralds a venture towards an alternative rock sound which is really quite remarkable, delivering powerful melodies, anthemic choruses and instantly infectious hooks.
Brimming with enthusiasm for this new direction, Nightblade are going for the jugular with “Ignorance Is Bliss”!
Track listing:
1 • Ignorance Is Bliss
2 • Steering the wheel
3 • Only You
4 • Never take for granted
5 • What If
6 • Further From The Truth
7 • Take Me As I Am
8 • Immune To It All
9 • Find The Strength Within
10 • Stop
Vocals • Mark Crosby
Guitars • Sam Morse
Bass • Tim Cutcliffe
Drums • Rich Lawley • Guitars • 1, 4 & 9 • Keyboards • 9
Lyrics • Mark Crosby
Music • Nightblade
Produced By • Nightblade and Richard Wood
Recorded At • The Old Smithy • Worcester

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