Crisis Has No Prejudice cover

Crisis Has No Prejudice

November 2014
  1. Poison Women
  2. Crisis Has No Prejudice
  3. To No Avail

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Closer To The Threshold cover

Closer To The Threshold

May 2013
  1. Over My Dead Body
  2. Closer to The Threshold
  3. Devil's Advocate
  4. You'll Always Remain
  5. It's All About You
  6. Out Of Commission
  7. Your Soul, Right Of Way
  8. Shadow Of Doubt
  9. Tongue Tied And Broken
  10. On Blackened Days
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Over My Dead Body cover

Over My Dead Body

November 2012
  1. Over My Dead Body

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Servant To Your Lair cover

Servant To Your Lair

December 2011
  1. Helloween
  2. Suspended Reality
  3. Under The Streetlights
  4. Jekyll & Hyde
  5. No Submission
  6. Where You Started From
  7. Head Of Steam
  8. When Two Souls Collide
  9. Your Shadow Behind
  10. Servant To Your Lair
  11. Relentlessly
  12. Justified
  • Hit The Floor Magazine
    "Fast and powerful guitar licks.  Heart-felt lyrics.  Worth buying"
  • Manifesto
    "No shortage of passion.  The technical work… is unquestionably good"
  • RoomThirteen
    Plenty of hooks and soaring solos
  • Metal Hammer
    "Some good riffs"
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Servant To Your Lair sampler cover

Servant To Your Lair (Sampler)

  1. Servant To Your Lair
  2. Head Of Steam
  3. Suspended Reality
  4. Jekyll & Hyde
  5. Under The Streelights
  6. Your Shadow Behind