About Us

Mark Crosby - Vocals

As long as I can remember I wanted to sing in a rock band.  I started singing/songwriting at the age of 12/13 and was in my first band at 13 with lads from school.  My first gig was at 14.  From then till present I have sung in some 15 different bands, some of which have shown great promise, others none at all and anything in between.  The best, most promising, line-up is Nightblade by far!!!

Over the years I have listened to and been influenced by a broad range of rock music - from thrash to classic to indie - and still listen to the broad spectrum.

Influences - Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, Whitesnake.

My ambition is to continue to develop and write creative rock songs, get higher profile gigs, a record deal and gain recognition with Nightblade.