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Richard Lawley - Drums

Richard LawleyAt the tender age of 14 I started bashing away at the skins and at the age of 16 when It actually started to sound ok I thought, "hang on - there may be something in this…".

I went through several different bands whilst at college and onwards, the more successful ones being in the early 90s - to name a few: Yellow Propellor, Thai Dyed Suicide, Nobody's Heroes, The Big E Band, The Deadbeats and the most recent Charlotte's Pyjamas.

Music has always played a major role in my life.  I haven't done anything for a while due to family commitments but Mark Crosby recently dragged me out of retirement to join Nightblade, and it`s good to be back.

My Influences include Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin (John Bonham being my favourite drummer at the moment but it varies), The Who, Beatles, Stones, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Cream etc etc.  I'm looking forward to helping the band develop their sound and write and record new material and it's an honour to be asked to be a part of something which I have a really good feeling about.